Swim, Bike, Run... What else is there?


      The Triathlon Club at Southern Utah University (SUU) was founded in August

2009 by D. Brack Mulliner and Cherisa Terry. Since the founding of the club, it has

grown tremendously and even received the SUUSA Athletics and Recreation Club

of the Year Award for 2009-2010. The club fills a niche unique to the SUU campus

by enabling individuals to become more involved in the growing sport of


Our goal is to provide opportunity for triathletes to effectively train for

their triathlon or similar events. We accept anyone with an interest in the club to

join. Beginner as well as seasoned triathletes are welcome additions to our


The Triathlon Club at SUU also touts a history of hosted events. The Color

Country Triathlon, Cedar City's first annual triathlon event, is held each fall co-

hosted with Cedar City Events. This sprint distance triathlon started small with

only 15 participants its first year, but looks ahead to great growth in the future.

The Hallow's 5K, first held on Halloween 2009, began with 46 total participants.

This 5K event creates a great opportunity for those die-hard racers to compete

during the holiday's. The SUU Indoor Triathlon held each spring began in 2008

hosted by the SUU Outdoors Center. The Triathlon Club at SUU now co-hosts the

Indoor Triathlon as one of the season openers for triathletes. All events assist to

fundraise for the club. Funds support events, socials, equipment, as well as

assistance for participation in local competitions. 

If you are interested in the club, please contact us at: